The Challenge: Research informs us that early childhood experiences build the foundation for a skilled workforce, a responsible community, and a thriving economy. Yet, of all the children who enter kindergarten each year, a large percentage lack basic language and behavioral skills essential for school achievement. Unfortunately, when children start behind, they often stay behind. But, targeted, high-quality early learning solutions in which all stakeholders participate - teachers, parents, administrators and the whole community - can make a big difference by closing the achievement gap and increasing the opportunity for lifelong success.

We at Performance Digital Learning  (PDL) are educators and business professionals who seek to ensure each child has the opportunity for high-quality early learning, and is in a classroom with the most knowledgeable, professionally trained teachers. We have over 30 years experience working at the crossroads of business and education, and continually seek to collaborate with leaders who strive to improve the development and delivery of learning solutions. Our experience in large-scale technology, curriculum and professional development implementations combined with our dedication to ensure every child and every educator has an opportunity for academic and lifelong success, makes us an enduring, responsible partner.

Our Mission is to ensure our high-quality early learning solutions  are the right investment to contribute to building a better early learning education system, and thus a competitive workforce and a stronger community for the future.

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men"

Fredrick Douglass

Early Childhood Learning Solutions

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