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Learning design

The course creation process

To create courses, we use ADDIE, a structured approach to course creation. This ensures that we achieve the business objectives of the organisation, whether its increasing pass rates, greater reach in target audiences, maintaining or growing registrations in existing markets or reducing the costs for learners or the association.

The ADDIE process:

Analysis: Clarify the business problem and the learning needs. At this stage we will frame the problem, understand the learners, and determine the resources and timelines.

Design: Systematically create the documentation for the course. This involves determining the learning objectives and the pedagogical approach, the structure of the course, and the look and feel of the final course. User engagement is key is order to make sure the final course meets their needs.

Development: Building the interactive course. This involves working with Subject Matter Experts and learning designers to create storyboards which describe every element of the course. This stage includes various quality control and client review stages. creation of video, animations, images and other assets, and creating the final course.

Implementation: The course is deployed and used by learners. It sounds simple, but there are a lot of moving parts involved in this stage, including engagement with internal and external stakeholders, updates to internal processes, there may be changes to the website if you are using a new LMS, and marketing, PR and customer services for the students themselves.

Evaluation: Feedback on the process and feedback from learners is used to assess the course and ensure it solves the original business problem. 

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