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Professional Education

Learning solutions for the modern association

Today’s professionals expect a digital solution for their learning needs. They want access to the right training, whenever and wherever they are. Technology enables them to take control of their own learning, and associations need to be able to support this new independence.

The information age is disrupting traditional structures. Associations are beginning to feel the impact of this disruption as international organisations, universities and corporations all begin to encroach on their territory. The existing paradigm won’t remain viable for long, and the associations that thrive in the digital world will be those that embrace technology and build value and loyalty today.

Mission critical
Technology improves access, flexibility and choice. It enables associations to extend their reach, reduce the costs for learners, and develop communities. Technology enhanced learning can open up more opportunities for associations to be global, to be more socially relevant and to build awareness and trust.

What does success look like?
Harnessing technology to support professional education can enable:
Improved member acquisition
•    Lower study costs for new members
•    Enables individuals without access to traditional courses to study and gain membership
Improved member retention
•    Higher quality learning leads to better exam success
•    Personalisation of learning leads to greater satisfaction rates
•    Online learning communities connect students and develop into active communities of practice
Improved public trust
•    Public learning campaigns can build understanding and respect for the profession
•    Rapid, relevant content provided to members allows them to deal effectively with new challenges

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